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    Frequently Asked Questions

Starry Night Education FAQ

What do I get with my single-user Starry Night Education software?

Along with your award-winning Starry Night Education software, you'll receive the curriculum correlated Teachers' Guide complete with lesson plans, student exercises, assessment tools and further resources, the visually stunning SkyTheater DVD, with over 90 minutes of guided space exploration, and a Quickstart Guide so you can jump right in. For those at the Higher Education level, your students will also receive access to a deeply discounted, download version.

What does the Teachers’ Guide Contain?

Detailed lesson plans help teachers easily and thoroughly cover topics from their Earth Science, Space Science, Physics, and Astronomy courses. Each lesson plan is correlated to grade level, national and state/provincial standards so that teachers can choose the most appropriate to their specific class and lesson. Within each of the lessons, there are interactive student exercises, worksheets, hands-on activities, multi-media, assessment tools and suggestions for further resources. Higher Education instructors will find that their Teachers' Guide has been fully mapped to popular astronomy textbooks.

Can I buy the Teachers’ Guide separately?

The Education products were built specifically to run with custom configured software. Using the Teacher’s Guide with other versions of Starry Night or without the software at all would not adequately explain the lesson plans.

What is the difference between Starry Night Education software and other Starry Night software?

Starry Night Education software was designed specifically for a classroom setting; student exercises are integrated into the software. Students will have tasks to follow and questions to answer through the SkyGuide interface. This feature is not available in our non-educational products.

Can I buy multiple seat licenses?

Starry Night Education is ideally suited to multiple seat, lab, school and district wide installations. We offer a wide variety of installation options, at volume-discounted cost. Learn More.

Can I upgrade from an older version of Starry Night to the current Education version?

Absolutely.If you are running any previous version of Starry Night, you're eligible for special, upgrade pricing... regardless of when you purchased, how many seats your license allows, or which version you're using. Learn More.

Have further questions?

Ask our Education Support Department department.