Starry Night College - Student Worksheets

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Chapter Lesson Worksheet
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A 1 Diurnal Motion
A 2 Earth's Revolution Around the Sun
A 3 The Local Coordinate System
A 4 Measuring Angles in the Sky
A 5 The Celestial Sphere
A 6 The Celestial Coordinate System
A 7 Solar and Sidereal Days
A 8 The Year and Seasons
A 9 The Analemma
A 10 The Moon
A 11 Phases of the Moon
A 12 Lunar and Solar Eclipses
A 13 Precession and Nutation
B 1 Geocentric to the Heliocentric Model
B 2 Planetary Orbits and Configurations
B 3 Johannes Kepler and Elliptical Orbits
B 4 Galileo Strengthens the Heliocentric Model
B 5 Modern Overview of Our Solar System
B 6 Size and Scale of the Solar System
B 7 Romer's Light Experiment
C 1 The Inner Planets of the Solar System
C 2 The Outer Planets of the Solar System
C 3 Direct and Retrograde Motion
C 4 The Moons of the Planets
C 5 The Dwarf Planets
D 1 Asteroids of the Main Belt
D 2 Comets and Meteors
D 3 Impact Near Earth Objects
D 4 Trans-Neptunian Objects
E 1 Finding Your Way Around the Sky
E 2 The Magnitude Scale
E 3 Seasonal Constellations
E 4 The Zodiac and Astronomy's Astrological Roots
F 1 Our Star, the Sun
F 2 Stellar Parallax
F 3 Proper Motion of the Stars
F 4 Inverse Square Law
F 5 The Solar Neighborhood
F 6 The Hertzsprung Russell Diagram
F 7 The Death of Stars
F 8 Black Holes
G 1 Our Home Galaxy: The Milky Way
G 2 Galaxy Classification
G 3 Redshift and the Expansion of the Universe
G 4 Structure in the Nearby Universe
H 1 Artificial Satellites
H 2 Great Explorations in the Solar System
H 3 Space Based Astronomy