Interactive Anatomy & Physiology

Research proven digital textbook solutions for K-12 through College level courses.

Easy To Use

With 20+ years of development experience, Simulation Curriculum promises a user-friendly experience.

Scientifically Accurate

The A&P digital textbook gives you powerful, accurate, customizable tools to inspire and engage your students.

Interactive Body Simulator

Hands-on activities that encourage questioning, experimentation and exploration.

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Graded Quizzes

Over 1000 multiple choice questions that encourage students to apply their understanding of the material.

Built-in Student Lessons

60+ assignable interactive anatomy labs & simulation, mapped to the open-source OpenStax Anatomy & Physiology textbook.

LMS Integration

Integrates with Canvas, BlackBoard, Moodle, Google Classroom, Microsoft, BrightSpace, Schoology and more.


One small step for curiosity, one giant leap for education

Anatomy 101 Textbook.

Access OpenStax A&P textbook directly on our Interactive Learning Platform, tightly integrating textbook, simulations, and assignable exercises.

Scientifically Accurate

Accurate visualizations and simulations that allow students to make precise observations of anatomical and physiological process throughout the body.

Free For Instructors

Access is free for professors and instructors with a commitment that Anatomy & Physiology Textbook is required course material for students.

Key Skills Development

A&P provides opportunities to develop key student skills: observation, data collection, analytical thinking and discovery.

Any Device, Anywhere

Runs on your web browser and is accessible on most devices including desktop computers, Chromebooks, and mobile tablets.


Anatomy & Physiology Textbook is very affordable, a one-year student license is only $29.95.

Web Power

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Chromebook and ChromeOS

Our web applications work with industry standard web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge) and are fully compatible with Chromebooks and ChromeOS.

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LMS Integration

Integration with Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and other LMSes. Teachers and students can launch or directly integrate our applications from an existing LMS.

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Anatomy & Physiology

Research proven digital textbook solutions for K-12 through College level courses.

System Requirements

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Web on Any Device!

  • Supported on all A-Grade browsers (up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge), Safari on iPad iOS 9 or later.
  • iOS requires iPad & iOS 9.0 or better.
  • Android requires tablet & Android 4.0 and up.
  • Browser must support WebGL. (Test it here: