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Astronomy is a big subject -- Starry Night makes it easy to teach with comprehensive space science curriculum solutions written for teachers by teachers.

Check out The Layered Earth, our new interactive Earth Science Curriculum. Geology, Plate Tectonics, Volcanos and Earthquakes.


Starry Night Podium
Bring the beauty of the universe to large screens and audiences.
Revolutionize the way you teach astronomy.
Research proven solutions for grades 9-12 astronomy education.
Research proven solutions for grades 5-8 astronomy education.
Discover a universe of learning with engaging K-4 activities.
Starry Night Pro Plus Astronomy Software
For the most demanding user, the full-color AllSky CCD mosaic provides the most realistic view of the sky.
Starry Night Pro Astronomy Software
The standard in astronomy software, Starry Night Pro turns your computer into a digital observatory.
Explore a vast array of astronomical wonders! Starry Night Enthusiast is the perfect, introductory desktop planetarium.
If you're new to astronomy, this edition of Starry Night will get you started.
Starry Night Upgrades
If you are running any previous version of Starry Night, you're eligible for special, upgrade pricing.
Starry Night Licensing
Starry Night Education offers a wide variety of options, ideally suited to multiple seat, lab, school and district wide installations.


The Layered Earth is the ideal companion to your Earth Science textbook.
The Layered Earth is a complete teaching solution for High School Earth Science.
The Layered Earth is a complete teaching solution for Middle School Earth Science.


Universe dramas brought to you with heart-pounding realism. Includes teaching guide.
Inspire your students with these Astronomy posters. Perfect for the classroom!