Starry Night

BlackBerry Application


View the sky on your BlackBerry!

Downloading and Installing

To download the Starry Night BlackBerry application, use the built-in Web browser on your BlackBerry device to visit the following URL:

Your browser should display a window similar to the one below.

Choose download. In a few moments the Starry Night BlackBerry application should download and automatically install on your BlackBerry device.

Additional Instructions

Launching the Application

To launch the Starry Night BlackBerry application, find the familiar Starry Night icon among your other applications. For example:

Initial State

When the application is launched for the first time, your default location is Toronto, ON.

Postal Code Look-up

If you don’t get automatic location updates from a location service provider, then you can enter your postal or ZIP code. The latitude, longitude and city name for the entered postal code will be displayed.

Getting an Image

The lower portion of the screen contains several viewing options.

Click Send to see the sky.

While viewing the sky, you can use the following keystrokes:

N – Face North
E – Face East
S – Face South
W – Face West
I – Increment time by one hour
D – Decrement time by one hour

Automatic Updates

When the Starry Night BlackBerry application is launched, it checks our server for a more recent version of the application. If a more recent version exists, the application will allow you to download the update.


The Starry Night BlackBerry application requires Internet access via a browser, and will not run on BlackBerry devices without color displays.