Starry Night This Week

Each week most PBS stations air "Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer", the world's first and only weekly TV series on naked-eye astronomy. The Starry Night images on this page illustrate the show for the week of Monday September 15, 2008. You can view the complete show script, or watch a RealPlayer video of the show.

The Super Bright Star Which Shines Overhead
Every Year On The Autumnal Equinox

On September evenings, midnorthern hemisphere viewers can look almost overhead to see brilliant Vega in the constellation of Lyra. Lyra is a small but bright constellation, so look for the great 'northern cross' shape of Cygnus in the Milky Way to point you in the right direction. (Another hint: Along with Deneb and Altair, the brightest stars in the constellations Cygnus and Aquila respectively, Vega is the third member of the Summer Triangle asterism.)