Starry Night This Week

Each week most PBS stations air "Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer", the world's first and only weekly TV series on naked-eye astronomy. The Starry Night images on this page illustrate the show for the week of Monday April 28, 2008. You can view the complete show script, or watch a RealPlayer video of the show.

TPlanet #1 At Its Best Evening Viewing For 2008!
And Celebrate National Astronomy Day,
Saturday May 10th!

Look roughly west after sunset from midnorthern latitudes on May 6th, and see if you can spot the Moon and Mercury. They might be less than a handsbreadth from the horizon. As the sky darkens, watch for the Pleiades (a little bit north of them) and the great "V" of Taurus (a little bit to the south).

Mercury will be just below the Moon; if you hold your hand at arm's length you'll be able to fit a finger or two between them.