Starry Night This Week

Each week most PBS stations air "Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer", the world's first and only weekly TV series on naked-eye astronomy. The Starry Night images on this page illustrate the show for the week of Monday June 24, 2002. You can view the complete show script, or watch a RealPlayer video of the show.

How To See A Super Special Sky Show Right After The Fireworks On The 4th Of July

Thursday July 4th at 9:20 EST, look west/northwest where you will find the brightest planet of them all, 8,000 mile wide Venus.

Scorpius and Sagittarius are two of the most prominent constellations in the summer.

The faint glow of the Milky Way on the 4th of July. The glow is the light produced by the billions of stars in our galaxy.