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Starry Night Elementary

Discover a universe of learning with engaging K-4 activities.


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The Research-Proven Best Way to Teach Space Science

The pulse of the tides, the dance of the Moon and the swing of the seasons captivate even the youngest child. The realistic visualizations in Starry Night Elementary engage students' natural fascination and guides them to understand the world on a scientific basis. With lesson plans and activities correlated to state and national standards, Starry Night Elementary for grades K-4 is the most effective way to introduce space science.

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Feature and Benefits

Starry Night embraces the 5E method of science instruction and lesson planning: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. These are the cornerstones of good science and correlate to both the National Science Education Standards in the United States and Common Framework of Science Learning Outcomes in Canada.

The activities in Starry Night Elementary are structured as adventures that enable the students to construct their own knowledge of the world around them. Each adventure addresses the science content standards, incorporates several science process skills and connects to language arts, fine arts, math and/or social studies in a seamless way.

The resources section includes post-assessment resources such as Log Sheets and KWL charts that can be compiled to create a complete logbook for each student.

What's Included

Three-ring binder includes:

  • Award-winning Starry Night astronomy simulation software, customized for teacher demonstration and student use
  • 7 grade-specific lesson plans (4 for Grades K-2, 3 for Grades 3-4) complete with hands-on manipulatives, computer exercises, reproducible worksheets and assessments
  • Comprehensive teacher resources
    • Key conceptual background and discussion questions for each lesson
    • 3D Graphic Organizers that help students organize information in a creative way, making it easier to grasp concepts
    • Log Sheets that can be compiled to create a complete logbook for each student
    • Assessment tools such as KWL charts that provide evidence of prior knowledge and learning progress
    • Solar System Fun Facts
    • Glossary of astronomical terms
  • SkyTheater DVD with more than an hour of video of dramatic and realistic visualizations of astronomical phenomena
  • QuickStart Guide for teachers new to astronomy or using Starry Night for the first time